The life and times of me until I'm dead, at which point the name will make sense. Plan ahead! 

What's Now (in my life)

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What's New (on this site)

06.17.24 Updated Outdoors page

04.29.24 Updated Books page (filled out 2012 notes); other recent updaters: added 2024 read to date and cleanup of some prior ones, S. King recollections, continued additions to 2002 and Prior section, sorted by author

04.04.24 Updated Climbing Resume (ice, also recently added 55th summit) and Travel (countries)

11.26.23 Updated Climbing Resume (Mountains and Rock Climbing sections) and added links to video for Denali. Also vids for Grand Canyon on Outdoors Boating section.

11.04.23 Changed the site's tagline, small adds to Books and Quotes pages

09.19.23 Updates to Interactive Fiction

08.18.23 NEW Quotes page! Been thinking about this for years and finally put it together.

08.15.23 Added a Boating section to Outdoors, also recently added skiing details

03.19.23 Expanded Now page which was newly added on 12.14.22

12.29.22 Added podcasts to Indoors (main page)

09.12.22 Finished conversion work and transferring domain to complete the relaunch

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