Indoor Interests

Books / Reading

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Music (Listening)

If I'm not at work, I'm usually listening to music.  In the car to and from work and play, at home in the evenings, working out, hiking, etc.  My FM transmitter and earphones are my friends.  My music library is entirely MP3 now, with the exception of some vinyl I haven't acquired on MP3 yet.  I keep about 600 of my favorite albums on CD, and listen to them when hi-fidelity is desired.

There so much to say about my music listening and library, it requires its Own Page.


Cut the cord back in 1993, started using Netflix in 2001. Movies have always been the majority of my consumption, series not so much. Movies has my favorites and there is also a history of all the Spooky Movie Months.


Active subscriptions (as of 2023): Planet Money (NPR), The Indicator (NPR), Short Wave (NPR), Adventure Game Club, Body Stuff with Dr. Jen Gunter, Derek Sivers, Deviate with Rolf Potts, Eaten by a Grue, Financial Independence Podcast (Mad Fientist), How to Fix the Internet (EFF), In Machines We Trust (MIT Tech), Invisibilia (NPR), Small Things Often (Gottman Institute), The Tim Ferriss Show

Occasional (as of 2023): ChooseFI, Retirement Answer Man, SciShow Tangents, Ted Talks Daily, Stay Wealth Retirement Show, The Daily Stoic, This American Life, The Minimalists, Where Should We Begin? w/Esther Perel

Games and Role Playing

Interactive Fiction (IF)

Starting in 2022 I finally took the time to dive back into this old passion of mine, playing some adventures small and large, watching documentaries, listening to podcasts, and coming up to date with the community. I started re-developing my own old adventures in new tools and code such as TAB, Twine, Adrift, and Inform.  To date I've finished two out of three. My first game called Palace of the Silver Princess is available upon request. My second IF game called Xanadu is available on ThinBASIC Adventure Builder's (TAB) Catventure site.  See the separate, dedicated Interactive Fiction page for more.

D&D - Dungeons & Dragons

I miss it much. It's undergone a huge resurgence since 2020. I haven't played in decades. I've played everything from the Basic Set to 2nd to 3rd Editions.  I served in the role of Dungeon Master (DM) a couple of times through the years, but nothing compared to the three prominent and talented DM's that have served up fantastic adventures for me throughout the years: Glen, Adam, and John Matthews. They are truly masters of Fantasy.



My kit underwent a transfusion/upgrade in 2002-3, as a gift of music from my mother.  I've now gone to all Zildjian cymbals, except for the new Wuhan China type, 20" -- oh how I love it!  Drum Workshop hi-hat and snare stands and throne. See all the details. The kit is currently on (permanent?) loan to my dear nephew who keeps them very well dust-free.


My red Epiphone provided some exposure to the instrument, a casual affair, and is now in the possession of my musical nephew.  Number of recognizable song bites I know:  approx. 20.  Number of complete songs:  0.

Film and Media Production


My life-long love of this video game gets its own page.


Yes, I did do this as a kid!  (ok, it was a bobby pin, but same idea)