I've played since I was a teen. Trained on snare drum and self-taught on set. An amateur that hasn't progressed in decades. A drum set that collected too much dust, now being joyously enjoyed by my nephew. Perhaps one day I'll pick them back up and return to playing or education.


14” Rogers Snare

Pearl 8” Tom

Pearl 10” Tom

Pearl 12” Tom

Pearl 13” Tom

Pearl 14” Tom

Pearl 15” Tom

Pearl 16“ Floor Tom

Pearl 22” Kick


Zildjian 13" New Beat hats

Zildjian A Series 8" Splash

Zildjian A Series 10" Extra Thin Splash

Zildjian A Series 16" Rock Crash

Zildjian A Series 18" Medium Thin Crash

Zildjian A Series 19" Medium Crash

Zildjian A Series 20" Ping Ride

Wuhan China type 20"


DW 9100 Throne

DW 9300 Snare Stand

DW Delta 5000 Double Bass Pedals

DW 5500TD Hi-Hat Stand

Yamaha tom and cymbal stands


4” Paiste Accent cymbal

6” Paiste Accent cymbal

LP wood block