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Housing interests, activities, and a generally a lot of useless information

What's Now (in my life)

See my new Now page (latest update August 2023)

What's News (of the recent and past)

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What's New (on this site)

09.19.23 Updates to Interactive Fiction

08.18.23 NEW Quotes page! Been thinking about this for years and finally put it together.

08.15.23 Updated Climbing Resume (Mountains) and added links to video for Denali. Also vids for Grand Canyon on Outdoors Boating section. Updated Books page

06.29.23 New News and added a Boating section to Outdoors

03.19.23 Added skiing details to Outdoors and expanded Now page

12.29.22 Added podcasts to Indoors (main page)

12.14.22 Added new Now page (see above)

09.12.22 Finished conversion work and transferring domain to complete the relaunch

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